Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have a safe holiday - Have travel insurance

Vacation planning is something which we all like doing it for long before actually we actually reach our destination. Whether you go for a honeymoon overseas or a family vacation tour, before you pack everything you will need and schedule full itinerary, you should always remember getting travel insurance. Travel insurance gives coverage to you and your family from travel related disasters and accidents. Risk is involved in everything. Needless to mention that traveling also involves lot of risks. Hence it is always a good idea to have travel insurance. Travel insurance cost something around $100.00 per person to something more depending on few factors like age, number of travelers, destination location as well the length of the trip. The tour co-coordinating agencies sometimes offer travel insurance along with the tour package by giving some dollars extra. One can take the same or can purchase own travel insurance online.

Here is the list of some risks covered by travel insurance:

i) Trip cancellation- in case if you have to cancel your flight trip ticket due to some unavoidable circumstances, and such circumstance is covered under the policy then your travel insurance provider will cover the cost of the ticket.

ii) Baggage loss or delay-
too often luggage gets misplaced or delayed by the airlines, in such cases if this falls under the policy then insurance company returns back the total damage.

iii) Medical coverage-
if you become sick during the vacation tour, then the expenses incurred is also covered by the insurance company.

So this way it gives lot of benefits and protection to our family from material and physical damage. Hence I think it is a must have for any long tour vacation planning.


  1. That's good information. Jessica.

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