Tuesday, February 24, 2009

20 Useful Tips to Fix Identity Theft Today

According to Federal Trade Commission (FTC), around 50,000 Americans get robbed every year by the Identity thieves. It recorded 380103 total fraud complaints in the year 2002, amongst which 161819 cases were of identity theft, which accounts to almost 43% of the total complaint. Last year gave a figure of 70,000 people getting robbed for taking internet help and Law Enforcement anticipates a growth of 25%-35% this year. The above figures and percentages prove that Identity Theft has become a rapidly growing crime in US nowadays.

All a criminal would need to perform this crime is your name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), driver’s license number and even mother’s maiden name sometimes. All these information reach out to the criminals without you even knowing what is happening. I definitely do not want my readers to fall into such trap in life. Hence before it is too late follow my article on this serious matter and save yourself from becoming a victim.

1) The prime target of the criminals is to get the social security number which gives access to credit reporting and bank accounts. Hence protect it with strong hands.
2) Avoid carrying necessary documents with you unless it is actually required.
3) Add name to the “Do not disturb” list so that market surveys fail to trace your name and other details.
4) Never print the Social Security Number on the cheque.
5) To check for fraud, order social security earnings and benefits statement at least once a year.
6) Verify all the credit card statement charges manually by yourself before paying them.
7) Providing personal information over phone should always be avoided.
8) Avoid saving credit card shopping profile on the net.
9) Password must be made unique and never use SSN as your password for anything.
10) Log out the bank account properly before closing the window.

11) Pin number should never be written down on the ATM card.
12) Try using a credit card for online purchase instead of a debit card.
13) Be sure not to use your Social security number as your Employee identification number.
14) Never share your driver’s license number with anyone or anywhere online.
15) Your cell phone number should be kept secret as much as possible and never ever use it as a password always.
16) Mother’s maiden name also shouldn’t be used as a password.
17) Always get your cell phone’s bluetooth security checked from a reliable priority dealer.
18) Shred out important papers which are no more required before throwing them out.
19) Always use password protected system and documents.
20) Computer should be checked properly and necessary documents and details should be cleaned before discarding it forever.

This article will help my reader to get rid of online spying and also useful steps are there to keep all the personal information safe and secure. My main motto behind all the hard work was to minimize and eliminate the risk for my readers of getting their sensitive information stolen.

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