Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to My Finance Hub

One of the reasons why I thought it might be a good idea to start something like this was that upon speaking with my friends in different profession and my colleagues, I found that these people had very little knowledge in finance. By finance, I mean knowing how to save money as well where money can be saved, moreover some or the other way protecting your personal finances in the way you don't face any problem in future. Before I got seriously interested in learning more about money and finance I realized how much money I've actually wasted in my entire life.

This has personally motivated me to come up with my own financial blog. After i joined the finance company in Texas, I made sure that i will learn more about saving the finances and i will definitely share my knowledge with the people who are in need of some help regarding their finances. So, here i am presenting everybody my financial advices to all of them who are in seek of it.


  1. Good intentions .... we shall look forward for unique measures to save money and invest them from you ... welcome to Blogging ...!!!

  2. hi,

    I have a financial blog and I want to exchange links with your blog. So please get back to me if you are interested. Waiting for your reply,By the way great blog.!