Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get Out Of Debt, a "Biblical Approach"

Bible says,"The borrowers are the servant of the lenders", this is what we all know and believe and hence this is what our approach has become when we play role either as a borrower or as a lender. I am writing this post for my readers to help them get out of their bad debts, with readers I mean here my borrower friends.

Bible also says,
"Owe no man anything except love", love is all that we are supposed to owe as we have debt of love. As we can understand that we should not be in debt as it is nothing but a bondage. But bible has given a very good reason as well as for having debt except love. It says, "we have debt because we want everything "now" which is our"lust". Our intense desire for achieving anything is pushing us deep and deep inside debt. So it is a trap where we are getting indulged day by day by wanting too much at a time. And on the other hand it also says "Ignorance is never bliss". So never ignore your burden of debt even if you have to face the uncomfortable truth.

We all have heard this, "No problem exists on earth without a solution". So, do not worry and be assure that if debt is a problem you are facing, you have a solution or rather ways to come out of it. You must be Thinking how it can be achieved? Read these points carefully and I am sure at the end you will get all your querries answered.

i) Jesus said
"Know what you have and use it" so here he has actually asked us to use law of compound interest combined with the law of use, which means use what you have properly or else that can also be taken back from you.

"Give and it will be given back to you" this principle GOD has put through his words. Share whatever is there with you and you will surely get good return out of it.

iii) Spend money in places where you can keep constant check so that at the end you know where all your money went.

iv) Do whatever is possible
"loyally" to increase your income.

"Pray", because with God anything is possible.

So, i suggest all my readers to try these out and let people ask you after couple of years
"How did you get to manage so much money?" and the answer will be "Well, it was easy because I followed the laws of God."

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